Why we fight

When the Triglavians first invaded New Eden in YC 121, many capsuleers simply ignored the threat, thinking the event would blow over and continued with their daily routines.

They were mistaken.

27 systems divided into 3 constellations of 9 systems each have been unequivocally invaded and annexed by the Triglavians Clades, creating luminal systems seperate from the fabric of New Eden. Despite the heroic sacrifices of many brave capsuleers, with the fall of Niarja to the Triglavians, an important trade route between Caldari and Amarr space burned. And now their gaze have turned to Jita IV IV…

Join us !

Even now, the Triglavians gather their forces, recruiting kybernauts and rogue capsuleers into their clades… We are the first and often the last line of defense against the Triglavians. In this dire hour, we offer to your our hand in comradery and friendship – join us and defend the prosperity of New Eden!

What we can offer

Against the Triglavians, you do not stand alone.

Ours is an alliance of corporations that offer moon mining operations, ice mining, gas harvesting, Tech 1 and Tech 2 productions, Triglavian Fleet hunts, flashpoints and the such.

Whether you are new or a returning veteran, we can provide ships and equipment to all who would stand with us.

Prospektors speech

Call for support

I’m am Prospektor Schipplock, leader of the EDENCOM DEFENSIVE INITIATIVE. We are the last bastion against the oncoming darkness and we need your support, now more than ever. Join us on Comms (discord), subscribe to our intelligence reports (youtube), etc. etc.

CEO, Allianceleader

„.. its an Honor for me to serve with this brave Men and Womens…“

Prospektor Schipplock

Want to know more ?

By joining the EDENCOM Defensive Initiative, you gain access to top-notch training programs, a tight-knit community, and exclusive advancements in mastering EDENCOM ship piloting. Elevate your abilities, forge lasting connections, and contribute to safeguarding the galaxy. Join us today and make your mark in the forefront of galactic defense